About Handyman Marketing Pros

Handyman Marketing Pros is a digital marketing agency, specializing in website design and SEO, that works exclusively with handyman and home improvement contractors. 

Why does this matter? We’ve taken the guesswork out of digital marketing for your EXACT business!

When you partner with us, we’ll implement proven marketing systems that bring long-term, sustainable growth to your business. Simply put – what we do works.

Schedule a free strategy call to discover your biggest growth opportunities (regardless if you work with us!), and we’ll pin-point how we can best serve you and your business.

who we are

Rest assured, your online presence will be in good hands!

While you’ll likely only be in contact with one or two of us, we have a growing team of digital marketing specialists dedicated to the handyman industry. This is important because every industry has unique variations of “what works” when it comes to online marketing. We take the guesswork out of that equation and focus on what works.

jason call owner of handyman marketing pros

Jason Call, Founder & President

Jason is your first contact when you engage with us. He’ll guide you through an informative strategy call where you’ll learn your biggest growth opportunities and identify how we can best serve you and your business. He’s also in charge of account management, marketing, and making sure our processes are in-line with the latest, best-practices in SEO, website design, and lead generation.

cassie call, CEO of handyman marketing pros

Cassie Call, CEO

“Any man that says he wears the pants lies about other things too.” Cassie brings her experience in organization strategy, finance, and marketing communication to Handyman Marketing Pros. Overall, she ensures our business is on the right path to maximize the value we bring to our customers.

lauren kenes, project manager at handyman web design

Lauren Kenes, Operations Manager

Lauren originally started with us as a website designer, and quickly revealed herself to be a super genius. LOL! But really… She plays a key role in our company by helping with client strategy, improving how we serve our customers, and ensuring all projects are completed on-time and to our high standards.

taylor jurik marketing specialist at handyman marketing pros

Taylor Jurik, Marketing Specialist

Taylor is our rockstar behind the scenes! She completes a variety of important tasks for our company and clients, along with managing our Contractor Champions’ social media strategy and email campaigns.

Behind the scenes of Handyman Marketing Pros

If you want to know the heart of Handyman Marketing Pros, and get a behind-the-scenes look at our business, listen to this interview I did with a local podcast. I touch on everything from the story of how we started, to how we treat our customers, to the actual services we provide. (45 min video)

“Every single person I talk to, I treat them and give them service like they are an influencer with 100,000 followers… I don’t define influencer marketing as finding influencers… I think everyone should be doing influencer marketing, and treating every single person as an influencer… Treating people right is 2/3 of our business.”

how we operate

Handyman Marketing Pros’s “how” and “why” is built on Christian values and summarized in 1 Corinthians 10:31. We use our talents in handyman marketing to bring good to the world by:

  • Giving you an awesome customer experience – from our initial strategy call, to on-boarding you into our program, to being there long-term as a reliable partner in growing your business
  • Assisting in your company growth which brings goodness to your business, family, customers, and community – the “trickle effect” is real!
  • Being a positive force in our own local community in Auburn, CA

history of Handyman Marketing Pros

Handyman Marketing Pros started in 2017, and was originally inspired by the quick success of Jason’s 1st handyman client, Allen Lee of Honest Lee Handyman Services.

What started as a Christmas gift for a good friend, and some advice on a digital marketing strategy (as outlined in our Marketing Guide), quickly turned into a full-time business for Allen. Of course, he is a fantastic business owner who consistently does all the necessary activities to be successful.

Through our Handyman SEO and digital marketing, and Honest Lee’s outstanding service, his business now ranks on the 1st page of Google for his entire service area – a metro area of 2,000,000. You can see why his business sees significant growth year-over-year.

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