Meet The Team

Rest assured, your online presence will be in good hands!

While you’ll likely only be in contact with one or two of us, we have a growing team of digital marketing specialists dedicated to the handyman industry. This is important because every industry has unique variations of “what works” when it comes to online marketing. We take the guesswork out of that equation and focus on what works.

jason call owner of handyman marketing pros

Jason Call, Founder

Jason is your first contact when you engage with us. After filling out a Get Started Form, he’ll guide you through an informative strategy call where you’ll learn your biggest growth opportunities and identify how we can best serve you and your business. 

Alongside sales and marketing, Jason spends a lot of time being mentored, coached, and learning from the top, elite marketing companies in the USA. This ensures we are continually improving our client results and experience!

He also hosts the Handyman Success Podcast and is a Business Coach at the Handyman Journey. When it comes to growing and marketing your handyman business, he is your trusted resource!

lauren kenes, project manager at handyman web design

Lauren, Operations Manager

Lauren originally started with us as a website designer, and quickly revealed herself to be a super genius. LOL! But really… She plays a key role in our company by helping with client strategy, improving how we serve our customers, and ensuring all projects are completed on-time and to our high standards. She is also responsible for developing our internal processes and training so all our clients receive amazing service, and ultimately feel like our ONLY client! 

taylor jurik marketing specialist at handyman marketing pros

Taylor, Marketing Specialist

Taylor is our website and marketing extraordinaire that works with our clients in the on-boarding process. You will be working with Taylor on your website design, and she’ll ensure you are 100% satisfied before we go live. Additionally, she completes a variety of important tasks for our company and clients including: social media marketing, email marketing, SEO activities, and so much more.

jocelyn parnell headshot for handyman marketing pros

Jocelyn, Marketing Specialist

Jocelyn is our customer service superstar! She works one-on-one with our clients in the on-boarding process, ensuring their websites are designed exactly to their liking. Along with designing websites and ensuring our clients are THRILLED with our service, Jocelyn works behind-the-scenes on a variety of projects within our company.

Noemi Handyman Marketing Pros Specialist

Noemi, Marketing Assistant

Noemi is our amazing Marketing Assistant that works on a variety of projects and tasks to keep our business moving forward. From social media, to video editing, to random assignments, Noemi’s “can-do” attitude and positivity is infectious to everyone she works with!

fazla ppc specialist

Fazla, PPC Specialist

Our team is incredibly grateful to have connected with Fazla. He shines his brilliance on our Paid Ads service, and is constantly improving how we execute PPC for our clients. He is in charge of setting up all campaigns, alongside ongoing audits and optimizations.