You can see all cost details on our Pricing Page here

Complete a Get Started form and you’ll receive a Demo Video that goes into detail about our services, along with next steps to start working together. Alternatively you can skip right to our Order Form.

After completing the Order Form, we complete a 1st draft of the website within 2-3 weeks. From there we do unlimited revisions until you are 100 satisfied, then launch. Our average time from start-to-launch is 4 weeks.

In a rush? Let us know and we can expedite your website design.

Yes – everything we do, you own. It is 100% your website, we are just the professional facilitators of your website and marketing. 

We have an initial commitment of 6 months, then our service is month-to-month.

Note: you will still be billed monthly in the first 6 months of working together. You do not pay for 6 months up-front.

You can cancel any time after 6 months. In this case, we get you full access to everything you need to move the website to another web host or marketing company. We do not hold websites hostage or send them into the deep web abyss to die.

We are truly here to help people – regardless if they’re a paying client or not.

You can see a comprehensive list on our Pricing Page. Also, if you fill out a Get Started Form, you will receive a Demo Walkthrough of our services which goes into more detail.

We do not allow any active Client Sites to be hosted outside of our servers for several reasons:

1. Most website hosts are not good, and the work that goes into “recovering” sites from poor hosts can be significant. From poor load times, security breaches, to things breaking, we’ve learned the hard way – you cannot skimp on hosting.

2. Site speed and security are important ranking factors for Google and search engines, and the hosting server is a major factor that dictates site speed and security. Our premium hosting ensures the technical side of the website is meeting Google’ guidelines.

3. We aim to deliver amazing service, and delivering that service consistently – day-in and day-out. To do this, our team needs a consistent environment of high-end, reliable hosting, and also the various toolsets we use to manage, maintain, and update your website.

4. Additionally, you get all the other benefits of our website service! (Review system, monthly report, anytime updates, etc.)

For these reasons we require all clients to be on our monthly service, which includes premium website hosting.

This can vary based on the individual business and other factors, but here is general guidance:

Website Service – new businesses and happy “one man bands” 

Website+ – established businesses, and businesses located in high population areas (exceeding 50K population)

Growth – established businesses with at least $300K annual revenue, and looking to grow

Please fill out a Get Started form, and we will send you additional resources that can help. Also, you’ll have the option to schedule a call with us to talk in more detail about your specific business and goals.

Absolutely! This is part of our ongoing service to you – when it comes to your website, we take care of it!

Common updates we make for our clients: adding project photos, new pages, popups/banners to promote a service or special, and editing photos/text on the website.

First, be sure to download our Marketing Checklist that comes with a TON of helpful (and practical) resources to grow your business.

Next, check out our Handyman Marketing Guide for a comprehensive list of strategies you can implement.

100%! Just let us know and we’ll make it happen.

If upgrading from our Website to Website+, there is no upgrade fee. 

If upgrading to our Growth Program, the upgrade fee is the difference between our Growth setup fee and the Website Service setup fee.

Absolutely! Most CRMs and business software offer website integration options.

If you aren’t sure “what to send us” to integrate with your website, we just need your login credentials and can take care of it for you.

Your current website will stay online until the new one is ready to launch. At that point, we “flip a switch” and the old site is replaced with your new, awesome website that we work together on. 

Yes! Part of our onboarding process is getting access to your Domain so we have everything we need to do a great job.

Absolutely! Part of our onboarding process is identifying your current “domain situation”. We are happy to provide recommendations for available domains. 

We can even secure and manage your domain for you, at no additional cost.

Because of the verification requirements for your Google Business Profile, we do not actually set up your profile for you.

That being said, if you have any issues with verification, suspension, etc. we are here to help! We just can’t be the original creators of the account.