How To Setup A Handyman Facebook Business Page: 11 Step Guide

Jason Call

Jason Call

Owner of Handyman Marketing Pros

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A Facebook business page is a vital component to any handyman marketing strategy. While creating a business page might be obvious and easy for most, this guide is intended for users who aren’t at all familiar with Facebook.

With that being said, let’s get started on creating your handyman Facebook business page!

Step 1: go to facebook

Go to Facebook.com.

At the bottom of the page click “Create a Page for a celebrity, band, or business.

handyman website

Step 2: login

If you aren’t already logged in to a personal Facebook account, the website will prompt you to do so.

handyman facebook

Step 3: create business

There should be 2 options on the page. “Business or Brand,” and “Community or Public Figure.”

Click “Get Started” under Business or Brand

handyman website

Step 4: fill in basic info

When you click “Get Started” under Business or Brand a new window will appear on screen.

This is where you fill out information about your handyman business.

Your Page Name will be the name of your handyman business.

Just below is Category. These are automatically generated business categories you can list your handyman business under.

We suggest you choose “Home Improvement” as your category.

Fill in the rest of your business information including Address and Phone Number. 

If you are using your home address as a business address, feel free to check the, “Do not show my address” box to hide your physical address.

Click “Continue”

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Step 5: add profile picture

You’ll be taken to the “Add a Profile Picture” screen prompting you to upload a business profile picture.

We recommend using a nice, semi-professional photograph of yourself, or a photograph of your business logo.

Click “Upload a Profile Picture,” locate your desired photo, and complete upload.

handyman website

Step 6: add cover photo

Right after you’ll be prompted to “Add a Cover Photo.”

We recommend using canva.com to create a custom image that incorporates your business logo or website. 

Perhaps a before and after picture of a completed handyman job with your website URL over it.

Click “Upload a Profile Picture,” locate your desired photo, and complete upload.

handyman website design

Step 7: add services

Now we need to add your available handyman services to the Facebook business page.

Start by clicking the, “Services” tab on the left hand side of the screen.

Once loaded, find and click the, “Add a Service” button near the middle of the page.

handyman website

A separate “Add a Service” window will appear on screen prompting you to enter information about the service you provide.

If you have a picture of that service (finished light fixture installation, debris removal, etc) you can upload that picture here.

Next fill out the, “Service Name.”

If there is a set amount you charge for that specific service, list that value in the, “Price” section.

Fill out the, “Description” section, describing the service you offer. Included in the photo is an example description for Light Fixture Installation.

If you know how long this service should take you to complete, list it in the, “Duration” portion.

Click, “Save.”

Repeat process for additional services.

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Step 9: enter detailed info

Let’s move on to entering more detailed business information.

Remember, the more complete your handyman Facebook business page is, the better it performs.

Start by selecting the, “About” tab on the left side menu of your Facebook business page.

Once the page loads you will be able to adjust any business information you’ve already listed; along with adding additional information as you see fit.

Also on this page is the “Our Story” section. Click here to add a brief description of your handyman business. It’s an opportunity to let the customer know where you’re from, how long you’ve been their friendly expert handyman, and what kind of high-quality service they can expect.

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Step 10: create a post

Let’s create a post on your new handyman Facebook business page!

Start by selecting the, “Posts” tab on the left side menu of your Facebook business page.

Once the page loads there will be a empty box near the center of the screen with faded text inside that says, “Write a post…

Click inside this box to create a new post for people to see!

If you want some good information on what to post and when to post it, check out our Handyman Marketing Guide.

handyman web design

Step 11: invite your friends

You’ve created a handyman Facebook business page and made your first post; so let’s get some people to check it out!

On the right side of your Facebook business page will be the friend’s list. 

This list comes from the personal Facebook account used to create the business page. 

Invite friends to like your page!

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