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Handyman SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the key to long-term, sustainable growth for your home improvement company. Without SEO your lead flow and online visibility – the moment you stop spending ad dollars – will drop off a cliff.

Partner with Handyman Marketing Pros and secure a reliable stream of organic leads.
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If you aspire to be the most recognized home improvement contractor in your market, then you’re in the right place! We have a track record of successful handyman SEO implementation that produces page 1 rankings for competitive industries in competitive markets.

How our SEO services rank honest lee handyman in a 2,000,000 metro area

Look no further than Honest Lee Handyman Services. They are the #1 organic ranking handyman service in a metro area of 2,000,000 people. They serve 8 Sacramento-metro towns, and their website ranks on the 1st page for each one. They receive hundreds of phone calls and online estimate requests month-to-month, and don’t experience a “slow season.”

Allen Lee, the owner, started part-time while working as an auto mechanic. Fast forward a few years and you can find him in his office focusing on managing his team and growing his business. This growth has allowed him to create a massive impact for his customers, his community, and his family.

Schedule a free strategy call today – we’d love to talk! We’re not “sales-y” and, if nothing else, you’ll come out with a ton of actionable ideas you can apply in your business.

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what the heck is SEO, and why you should care

SEO is a frequently mentioned, and often misunderstood, component of digital marketing. In summary, SEO is the collection of strategies to increase your business’s visibility in organic search engine results. (Organic = not paid)

When executed correctly your website and maps profiles (most notably, Google My Business) will hold prominent placements on the 1st page of Google for high volume, “commercial intent” keywords.

Example keyword phrases you should show up for:

  • handyman near me
  • handyman services in *city*
  • *city* handyman 

These prominent placements will consistently bring website traffic, leads, and phone calls to your business. Organic leads are lucrative because you don’t pay for them (aside from your operating costs, of course). An organic lead is significantly cheaper than a lead attained through advertising – whether it be Google, Facebook, or Yelp, to name a few.

You can see why a solid SEO strategy is a MUST for long-term success in your market.

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handyman SEO - it's what we do!

Since 2017, we’ve worked with hundreds of handyman services in every kind of market across the US (small towns, metro cities, big cities, rural areas, you name it). 

Through this experience, we’ve created a handyman SEO recipe that works

Schedule a free strategy call to learn how we can help your business climb the search engine rankings, and maximize your organic lead flow, using proven SEO strategies. 

We work exclusively with handyman businesses and remodeling contractors – this specialty has allowed us to take the “guesswork” out of what works in a digital marketing strategy.

frequently asked questions about handyman SEO

Yes – site speed and security are an ever-increasing ranking factor in Google’s algorithm. In fact, in July 2021, they rolled out the “Page Experience” update which further prioritizes sites that provide a great user experience (fast loading and secure).

Needless to say, we take it very seriously!

Our web designs receive high marks on “Core Web Vitals” (the metrics that the Page Experience update emphasizes). In fact, they get higher marks than the biggest handyman company in the USA – Mr. Handyman. See site speed and page experience comparison below.

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We specialize in outranking the competition – even the “big guys” – and can help you become the largest home improvement company in your area by implementing our handyman SEO marketing systems.

Many factors go into ranking a website, and your Google My Business listing, on page 1. Here are a few notable factors:

On-Site SEO (these are directly related to your website):

  • Site speed and security
  • Proper heading structure
  • Optimized meta titles and meta descriptions for each page of your website
  • Appropriately sized, compressed, and optimized images with alt tags
  • SEO optimized content
  • Regular content posting (blogging)

Off-Site SEO (these are not directly related to your website but just-as, if not more, important than On-Site SEO factors):

  • Consistent NAP on high traffic directories and citations
  • Expansive citation build-out
  • Backlinks from high domain authority sites
  • Backlinks from local websites and home improvement related websites
  • Google My Business optimization
  • “Signal” volume and strength, for your website and GMB, sent to Google

“Focus on what you do best, and write a check for the rest.”

Let us handle your SEO and get you ranking for “money keywords” in your area, and you focus on managing your business.

Google has a folder of your business.

In that folder they see your website, Google My Business, Facebook, Yelp, all your online profiles, links to your website, and mentions of your business name.

The thicker that folder is, the more authority you’re communicating to Google; therefor, increasing your ranking in Google Maps and website listings.

Our handyman SEO services build authority to get you ranked on page 1, and create a consistent flow of organic leads.

We see immediate impact in Google Maps visibility upon launching an optimized website. Significant upticks in visibility, clicks, and phone calls happen within 3-4 months. See below a few real client results, and check out our case studies page for more detail.

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Here’s how I like to explain SEO vs. Google Ads:

SEO is a long-term, sustainable growth strategy to bring consistent lead flow to your business.

Google Ads, for us, is essentially high-quality “leads on demand” – we pay Google for the ad space, are guaranteed clicks from our target “money keywords”, and we convert those clicks into leads. 

SEO is Owning, Ads are Renting

The big difference is with Google Ads, we are “renting” the space at the top of the search engine result pages. With SEO, we are building up your digital marketing assets (namely your website and Google My Business, or Google Maps, profile) to “own” the top of the search engine result pages for our target keywords.

When you stop paying for Google Ads, you stop getting traffic and leads. With SEO, we are owning the top of the 1st page and don’t require paying Google for the space. However, for most growing companies with multiple employees and/or crews, a balanced strategy of SEO and Ads is best. 

Look at any major HVAC or home service company – even though they dominate search engines with great SEO, they still pay for Google Ads. Why? 30% of clicks go to the Ads section. Successful, constantly growing companies didn’t get to where they are by leaving money off the table!

So… Is SEO better than Google Ads? Yes and no. They both serve their purpose, which is why both are part of our comprehensive marketing strategy to grow our clients’ businesses. However, for smaller handyman companies that enjoy being small or don’t require explosive growth, SEO is the best strategy for long-term, sustainable lead flow. Also, a lead from SEO is significantly cheaper than Ads – it just requires more work and time to get there.

Handyman SEO

Handyman SEO is the key to long-term, sustainable growth for your home improvement company. Contact us and start leveraging SEO for your future success.

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