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We like to view marketing like building-up a sports team. In your first season, you can’t have a star-studded lineup across all your positions. You draft the players that make the most impact out-of-the-gate, and build from there.

How we can best fit with your business depends on “what season” your business is in, and the goals you have in the next 12-24 months.

  • If you’re a new business, a happy “one man band”, or just need an awesome website, we recommend one of our Website Services.
  • If you’re a well established business that wants an active website and Google presence, we recommend our Website+ Service.
  • If your annual revenue is >$250K, and your marketing budget is at least $2,500/mo, we have a high-end “bells and whistles” Growth Program to establish your business as the most well-known, highest authority home improvement company in your service area. This is a good fit for established businesses that are looking for serious growth in the next 12-24 months.

Below you’ll find a chart that quickly breaks down our Marketing Programs. Below that you will find more details of our individual programs, who they’re a good fit for, recommended marketing budgets, and more. 

(TRUTH is one of our Core Values, and within Truth there is Transparency. We are upfront about: what we do, what we don’t do, who we’re a good fit for, and who we’re not a good fit for.)

After reading, if you feel we can add value to your business, please fill out a Get Started Form.

startup handyman marketing program

Website Services

One-time Setup Fee = $950

Website Service = $99/mo

Website+ = $399/mo (details below)

Good fit for:

Type of business:

  • New businesses
  • Owner/Operators
  • Established businesses that aren’t necessarily looking for more growth, but want a strong website & Google foundation. This can work great to attract higher quality clients, raise your prices, and/or be more selective in your clientele or job focus.
  • Any business that wants an awesome website that turns more visitors into leads, jobs, and revenue

Marketing budget: $100 – $500/mo.


Our Website Service provides businesses with: 

1) A strong foundation to start using the internet to grow your business.

2) A World-Class Website that sets you apart from competition and maximizes the value of all your marketing efforts – your website will be an amazing sales tool for your business.

3) Increased visibility/rankings in Google Maps. A majority of home improvement searches go right to Google Maps, so it’s important to be in the running!

4) Monthly report that gives you transparency into your website traffic and Google presence.

5) Monthly blog & Google Business posting so your website and Google Profile has regular, fresh content, which Google loves [WEBSITE+ ONLY]

6) Expansive online profile build-out to increase your business’s online footprint and search engine rankings [WEBSITE+ ONLY]

We offer a Website-Only Service for $99/month (minus #5 and #6 above). If you are a startup on a tight budget, or don’t have much traction in your business yet, this is likely the best option for you.

growth handyman marketing program

Growth program

One-time Setup Fee = $2,950

Monthly Fee = Starting at $1,499/mo

PLUS Minimum Ad Budget = $1,000/mo (~$33/day) – this budget goes directly to Google to pay for the Ads.

Good fit for:

Type of business:

  • Established businesses (>$250K annual revenue) that are looking for a trustworthy, reliable marketing partner that understands their business.

Marketing budget: $2,500/mo+


Our Growth Marketing Program provides businesses with: 

1)World-Class Website that sets you apart from competition and maximizes the value of all your marketing efforts – your website will be an amazing sales tool for your business. We write 100% unique-to-your business content for all your service pages, city pages (service area pages), and more. This SEO optimized, human-written website content is an important foundation to our ongoing Content Marketing and SEO strategy. (This feature is why our setup fee for the Growth Program is $2,950.)

2) A unique-to-you Content Marketing & SEO plan. We write, optimize, and post blogs to your website every month. This builds authority for your business, educates interested prospects, and builds long-term rankings for our target keywords within our target markets.

3) Backlink building to amplify blog content, focus website pages (i.e. service and city pages), and get your business 1st page rankings on search engines.

4) Fully managed Google Ads campaign to get the phone ringing fast.

5) Retargeting Ads that follow your website visitors across the internet. This works to stay top-of-mind and “be everywhere” with your recent website visitors, and turn interested prospects into leads and phone calls.

6) Reporting to give you transparency into your online marketing and the work we’re doing for your business

7) Weekly Facebook advertising to raise brand awareness and “be everywhere” within your service area

8) Monthly email campaigns to stay top-of-mind and re-engage with past leads and clients.

Note: #7 & #8 above are an add-on for $500/mo. 

FAQ & Important information

Setup Fee: Our Website & Growth programs have a one-time setup fee of $950. Our Prominence Program setup fee is $2,950. The monthly fee does not start until we launch your website and marketing.

Commitment: We have no long-term contracts, and you can cancel any time. That being said, we ask that you commit to our program for at least 6 months. If that is uncomfortable for you, we are likely not a good fit. Our focus is on your long-term success, and we want to work with businesses who are also focused on their long-term success. 

How To Start: Schedule a Strategy Call with Jason, Owner of Handyman Marketing Pros. If we’re a good fit for each other, you’ll receive an email with next steps to pay the Setup/Onboarding fee. From there, we’ll have a 1st draft of the new website ready within 3 weeks, and average time from start-to-launch is 4 weeks. (If you currently have a website, it will stay online until the new one is ready to launch.)

Questions? Fill out a Get Started form and you’ll receive a call scheduling link with our team.

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