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PPC (Per Per Click) is what Home Advisor doesn’t want you to know about. Using Google Ads, we get your business high quality, ready-to-buy handyman leads.

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what is ppc Handyman leads?

PPC (Pay Per Click) is a paid advertising solution that, when set up and optimized correctly, will drive consistent handyman leads to your business. 

It’s critical to a growth minded home improvement company for a few reasons:

  • 15% of clicks go to ad results. By not participating, you’re giving up valuable marketing real estate to your competitors.
  • Most importantly, we set up PPC campaigns to target “commercial intent” searches. In other words, these consumers are ready-to-buy and looking to hire someone ASAP. This is a drastically different consumer profile than someone browsing through Yelp or Facebook.

Below you can see the two examples of pay per click advertising. Note how major “pay per lead” services are amongst the ranks! 🤔

handyman ppc web results
handyman ppc google map results

You can see why a lead purchased from a Pay Per Lead service is significantly more expensive than if you had your own marketing system in place. Not to mention the long-term costs of using this model!

our handyman lead services

When you work with us, your ads will be in the results that you see above.

Your ads will target keyword phrases that are proven to have high commercial intent. Users that type in these keyword phrases are ready-to-buy, “bottom of the funnel” consumers that need help ASAP, and are willing to pay.

The combination of a conversion-focused website, a handyman SEO strategy, and PPC is a recipe for significant long-term success!

If you’re ready for that kind of growth in your business, and can handle an additional 50-150 leads per month, our PPC services are for you.

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