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The Handyman Success Podcast

The Handyman Success Podcast interviews successful handyman and home improvement contractors.

The purpose of this podcast is to TEACH and INSPIRE other business owners.

As you listen to these casual, fun interviews, you will learn about:

  • our guest’s story,
  • pricing and estimating,
  • their struggles and wins,
  • business operations and efficiencies,
  • marketing strategies,
  • and so much more!

We guarantee 100% you will learn new tactics and strategies to implement in your own business, and be inspired by their story.

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Episode 27: Kevin Moules, Dynamic Handyman Solutions

Engineer-turned-handyman, Kevin Moules, shares his journey in starting and operating his handyman business. Kevin is a successful solo Owner/Operator that has built and achieved what a lot of new handyman business owners seek to have – a profitable business that also gives freedom to spend time with family. Learn how Kevin transitioned from a full-time job to his business, how he estimates, prices, markets, and much more.

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my handyma'am handyman success podcast, handyman podcast, contractor podcast

Episode 25: Samantha Pearl, My Handyma’am

Our 2nd double-header of Handywoman businesses features Samantha Pearl, owner of My Handyma’am. We had a conversation about her business journey, how she hires, estimates & prices jobs, markets her business, and more. Enjoy!

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rick mcfadden handyman success podcast, handyman podcast, contractor podcast

Episode 23: Rick McFadden, Enhance Property Maintenance

Rick is the Owner of Enhance Property Maintenance in Castle Rock CO. He describes his business as a “mid sized handyman company” and did over $800,000 in revenue in 2022. He is shooting for $1M in 2023. Rick shares his handyman journey, how he runs his business efficiently, marketing, hiring, and much more! Rick has a special gift of identifying key processes and roles, and taking the action to implement them to improve his business. We hope you enjoy this awesome episode of the Handyman Success Podcast!

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Stelmeric Home Services handyman success podcast, handyman podcast, contractor podcast

Episode 22: Sam Gane, Stelmeric Home Services

Sam Gane, owner of Stelmeric Home Services, joins us on today’s episode. Sam has gone part-time to full-time in a short amount of time! He shares his journey in starting his handyman business, and we have our usual conversations around how Sam does pricing, marketing, estimating, and more.

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Hosts of the handyman success podcast

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Allen lee, founder of the handyman journey business consulting & honest lee handyman services

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Jason Call, Founder of Handyman marketing pros