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$200 to $700 average job ticket increase

When Brent, owner of OC Tasker, started working with our team, he was part-time in his business. Faster forward a few months after signing up for our Growth Program, and he’s full-time, hiring help, and seeing a significant boost in revenue.

What we did


Handyman Marketing Pros has delivered nothing short of phenomenal results for our business, OC Tasker. Thanks to their excellent work in revamping our website and strengthening our marketing efforts, we've experienced an extraordinary boost in business. We're based out of Newport Beach, CA, and the improvements are tangible - our lead time has increased to 2-3 weeks and our average job value has more than tripled from $200 to an astounding $700. We now receive 5 to 7 calls daily from Google and through our website, clearly indicating a much stronger online presence. As a cherry on top, the influx of new work has allowed us to expand our team with a new hire. Handyman Marketing Pros is the real deal in driving significant business growth!

rustbelt remodeling, remodeler seo and website design

Jobs booked within 3 months doubles previous year's revenue

Coby, owner of Rustbelt Remodeling in Toledo OH, came on-board at the start of the year. He was struggling to stay afloat, didn’t have a steady flow of high quality leads, and was stressing where his next job was going to come from to keep himself and his full-time employee busy.

By the end of March, Coby is booked 6-7 months, and those jobs double his total revenue from the previous year.

What we did


The marketing and website has paid for itself 10 times over in the 3 months since they've been on my team.

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from $80K to $1M+ in 3 years

Handyman Marketing Pros started working with Chris and Pacific Home Maintenance soon after he started his business 2019. We started with an optimized website in his first couple years in business. 

In year 3, we reconnected to start running advanced SEO and Ad campaigns to take his business to the next level. He’s on track to do over $1M in revenue in 2021.

What we did


I have been extremely pleased with the lead quality so far. I have booked three jobs between 20 and 40K, and have several other jobs pending! The response rate, average job size, and closing rate for sales has been absolutely night and day difference since starting this campaign.

envy home maintenance and repair, website and seo client for handyman marketing pros

Nick added a residential handyman division to his property management company

Nick Jensen, owner of Envy Home Maintenance & Repair, teamed up HMP to start a residential handyman division to compliment his already successful property management company.

After 6 months, when the SEO/organic leads were really heating up, we stopped all paid ads on Google because they were so overwhelmed. 

Our team continues to build organic rankings and lead-flow through SEO.

What we did


About 6 months in we stopped all Google Ads, because we were so overwhelmed with leads coming in that we couldn't keep up.

Page 1 rankings in 1.7M population metro

Zach and Z Line Handyman is a long-time customer of ours – we designed his website when he first started his business. 

Once he gained traction and was consistently booked, we leveled up his marketing to bring in more leads, with more consistency. This allowed him to hire and continue growing his business.

Z Line Handyman serves the greater Virginia Beach area, which is a highly competitive market and a metro population of more than 1 million people. He now ranks on the 1st page in Google Maps and enjoys a consistent flow of leads from his online presence.

What we did


Jason at Handyman Web Design is just simply the best! Not only does he know his stuff when it comes to SEO and online Marketing, but he's easy to reach for questions, and just a pleasure to talk to. He's helping me grow my business to new levels!

z line handyman 3 pack ranking from google maps handyman seo
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from $160K To $500K in one year

Keith, owner of Doctor Fix-It, did ~$160K revenue in the previous year, and approached us in January to see if we could help him reach $400K.

As of writing this in October, after 10 months working together, he’s already hit the $400K goal and is projected to surpass $500K.

Our Handyman SEO services have him in the prized Google Local Pack for his primary target area of upscale neighborhoods, and his website ranks on the 1st page throughout his entire service area. This is in a high competition market of South Jersey/Philadelphia. 

What we did


moorestown handyman rankings
pjp handyman website design

from part-time, to full-time, to 5 employees

Paul Pacheco came to us when he was working full-time as an HVAC technician, and starting his handyman business on the side.

Like most new businesses, we got him started with an optimized website so he could:

1. Start ranking and getting leads locally in his immediate area in Converse TX

2. Have a reliable sales system he could direct leads to and collect their job details

3. Have a website that represented him as a professional company, allowing Paul to charge above-average rates and foster trust with future clients

As PJP Handyman grew, we started running SEO and Ad campaigns to take things to the next level.

What we did


I use Jason Call he's amazing. I leave it in his hands and he's helped me quit my job and do this full time. We now have 5 employees and it's because of his help with websites and Google advertising.

pjp handyman seo results
pjp handyman seo results
remodeling contractor website design example

Page 1 for all remodeling keywords & a steady flow of quality leads

Ken Robinson Clark, Owner of Neighbor’s Choice Remodeling & Repair in Pocatello, ID, wanted better Google rankings for his remodeling business.

He now ranks on page 1 for all his primary keywords and gets a consistent flow of organic leads each month.

What we did


Jason is responsive and keeps himself up-to-date on the ever-evolving world of web design and SEO.

neighbors choice seo results

Google 3 pack in competitive market (dayton, OH)

Jason, Owner of In & Out Property Maintenance in Dayton, Ohio, had a full-time business with little online presence (only a Google My Business listing) when we started working together.

He wanted a consistent flow of leads from a predictable marketing system, rather than relying 100% on a “word of mouth” strategy that fluctuates month-to-month.

Jason’s business now gets more business than it can handle – this allows him to be picky on the jobs he’d like to take, while also building up his team to absorb this new growth.

What we did